Unified It Support Services

Blackbox Solutions is a trusted provider of bespoke document solutions in the UK. Our innovative multifunctional devices combine print, copy and scan capabilities with the very latest technology, enabling you to take control of your print functions. Thanks to our partnership with HP and Konica Minolta, Blackbox Solutions offers cutting-edge features, including near field wireless communications, touch screen interfaces and cloud and mobile print at very affordable prices.

Microsoft Exchange

Fast and efficient email is essential in the modern business environment. Reduce your IT costs and improve collaboration across your business with hosted Microsoft Exchange from Blackbox Solutions.

Exchange Server 2016 lets you increase user productivity and keep your business safe, while maintaining the control you need.

Hardware & Software

With access to a broad range of hardware and software suppliers, Blackbox Solutions has the expertise you need. From purchasing servers, to software and networking infrastructure, we can help you to reduce your costs, build resilience and increase productivity. With our flexible leasing and rental options the latest IT infrastructure is available at competitive rates.


Cloud Services

Cloud-based solutions offer greater flexibility, lower upfront investment and improved data security.

Cloud computing and data storage solutions enable your business to share computing resources and applications across your network, achieving considerable cost-savings.

Moving your businesses applications and hosted solutions to the cloud is simpler than ever. Plus, the benefits you’ll receive far outweigh the time spent on implementing a new solution.


Domains & Hosting

Take the first step towards establishing your business online with domains and hosting from Blackbox Solutions. Speak to us today to find your ideal domain name and get your business online in minutes, with no setup charge. With in-house SEO specialists, we’ll advise you on how to tailor your content to your audience’s search terms, driving more hits to your website.

Our secure UK data centres are managed around the clock by onsite engineers, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what’s really important to your business.


We make IT security simple.

With powerful unified threat management for your entire network and Endpoint, mobile, and web security licensed per user, not device.


Stolen personal data drives a thriving black market for cybercriminals on a global basis. Typically defined as any data which can be used to identify an individual – this makes every organization that collects information such as passwords, credit card numbers, health information or addresses a prime target for cybercriminals.