Document Management Solutions In Kent

At Blackbox Solutions, our experts have over 100 years’ combined experience providing print and document solutions in Kent.

Scanning, printing, copying and faxing documents results in thousands of pounds of hidden expenditure each year. Most companies do not operate any sort of document management system and are unaware just much it costs to print a single page, simply replacing toner cartridges and paper with their usual provider when required.

To fully understand how much printing costs your company you need to implement a document management solution.

The type of system you need depends on your company’s unique requirements. Document management systems can be as simple as a printer which monitors printouts and recommends cartridge replacement based on current usage to a fully featured software solution which can be managed remotely, providing predictive analysis to reduce the need for onsite maintenance.

Blackbox Solutions have partnered with HP and Konica Minolta to provide a range of document management solutions in Kent. Our expert team will design a system that tracks copies and prints, which can then be monitored from a dashboard on your PC. This allows you to monitor individual printers from one central location and deploy paper and toner when required.

When combined with our print management service, you get a single elegant solution which delivers replacement toner and paper on a just in time basis, reducing the need to stockpile consumables, all for one low manageable monthly fee.

A document management solution designed for your business

At Blackbox Solutions our expert team will work with your business to design a bespoke document management system which reduces your current print costs while providing a full overview of your current printing environment.

We can design a simple solution with a single printer or a multi-printer solution which automatically routes print jobs to the most efficient printer, saving you valuable resources and reducing the environmental impact of your printing even further.

To find out what a document management solution can do for your business and to discuss the various finance and leasing options we have available, contact our specialist document management team today on 01732 795444