Blackbox Solutions Advocates Papercut Print Management

Blackbox Solutions has recently launched PaperCut print management software at our Maidstone HQ, and the product is now available to all of our customers. PaperCut is a sophisticated yet straightforward print and copy output management programme, which tracks everything from basic print logging to advanced print and data security.

Surprisingly, printing and copying accounts for up to 15-20% of a company’s expenditure. Print management software like PaperCut enables businesses to track and control usage and printing behaviour, helping to reduce unnecessary printing, saving you money and reducing waste.

Businesses typically save up to 20% by implementing print management software, with numerous benefits including: minimising waste, reducing paper and toner/ink use, saving the system administrator’s time and encouraging end-users to improve printing behaviour.

Blackbox Solutions is a firm advocate of print management solutions and we recommend PaperCut to our customers. Talk to us today to discuss options to implement print management products to help you to reduce your company’s print expenditure.

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