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Case Study:

Industry: Health supplements


Our client is a global manufacturer and distributor of herbal food supplements, dietary products and cosmetics, supplying pharmacies across the world.

The company had a disjointed approach to print and document solutions at its UK headquarters, with multiple devices across the office being used for different purposes including accounts, invoicing and producing marketing materials. The document solutions equipment was not optimised for wireless or mobile printing and the variety of devices meant that the company was wasting resources on purchasing different types of ink and toner for each machine.


Blackbox was called upon to improve the company’s document solutions strategy. Key considerations included the need to reduce costs, improve print quality, and boost efficiency. Blackbox Solutions started by conducting a comprehensive print audit to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current system and highlight areas for improvement and change.

Blackbox proposed a managed print services approach, combining state-of-the-art hardware, software and print management systems to reduce costs and improve productivity. By gaining visibility and control of its printing, Blackbox was able to help the client to save money, improve environmental sustainability and boost document security.

By installing Samsung’s innovative ‘SMART range’ of multi-functional devices, the company now benefits from an improved user interface and Samsung’s SMART mobile printing, which enables customers to print via a dedicated smartphone app.

The client is also responsible for producing all the marketing collateral for the pharmacies it supplies in the France. The company had previously outsourced the printing of all its marketing documentation to a third party supplier. Blackbox proposed installing an innovative new in-house high volume printer which has enabled the company to set up its own print room, giving the company complete control over its document production.

As a result, all marketing collateral for retailers can now be produced on demand, cutting costs and improving efficiency.


The new devices have reduced print costs by 40%, improved quality, and boosted productivity. Crucially, the in-house print room has all marketing collateral to be printed on demand, providing a fast and responsive print service, while significantly reducing costs by removing the need for third party suppliers.


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IT Manager

health supplement distributor

We are a dynamic organisation, constantly seeking to improve and innovate. From the outset, the team at Blackbox Solutions has been incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. They have totally understood our business and requirements from the get-go and the state-of-the-art managed print services and infrastructure they have installed has revolutionised the way we approach our document production, lowering costs and improving performance across our operations.

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