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We help our clients gain a competitive edge with a bespoke document workflow solution that they can trust and rely on.

Document Solutions

Our bespoke document solutions combine print, copy and scan capabilities with the very latest technology, enabling you to take control of your print functions.

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IT Services

Our broad range of IT hardware and software services, combined with our flexible leasing and rentals options, can increase your productivity and boost efficiency.

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VOIP & Telecommunications

Our cloud-based VOIP telephony systems use the internet to revolutionise your telecommunications, improving productivity and reducing operating costs.

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Document Solutions

Blackbox Solutions is a trusted provider of bespoke document solutions. Our state-of-the-art multifunctional devices combine print, copy and scan capabilities with the very latest technology, enabling you to take control of your print functions. Thanks to our partnership with Samsung Electronics, Blackbox Solutions offers cutting-edge features, including near field wireless communications, touch screen interfaces and cloud and mobile print at very affordable prices.

  • Printing Solutions

    Multifunctional devices combine the functions of a printer, copier, scanner and fax machine into one convenient unit.

  • Fleet Management

    Our fleet management solutions will improve the way you manage your printing systems, helping to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Mobile & Cloud Print

    Enjoy ultimate flexibility and unrivalled access to your entire printer fleet from any device with mobile and cloud printing.


Blackbox talked me through how best to lease my equipment and how to avoid pitfalls. I could not believe how much more I have been paying for the past 5 years. Also, their service technicians are fantastic, quick to respond, fix it first time and always very professional.

- Large financial institution in the City

IT Services

IT services are an essential component of the modern workplace. Blackbox Solutions is a market leader in delivering high quality, on-site and remote IT support services. Our tailored IT hardware and software services, combined with our responsive on site and remote support, help businesses to increase productivity and boost efficiency. With flexible leasing and rental options, our IT services are cost-effective and affordable.

  • Cloud Solutions

    Cloud computing and data storage solutions enable your business to share computing resources and applications across your network, achieving considerable cost-savings.

  • Security & Control

    Our secure UK data centre provides cloud data storage and disaster recovery support, ensuring peace of mind is guaranteed.

  • IT Infrastructure

    Whether purchasing servers, software or networking infrastructure, we can help you to reduce your costs, build resilience and increase productivity.


Before approaching Blackbox we were really confused, but they helped us see things more clearly and actually reduced the number of machines we thought we needed.

- City based insurance company

VOIP & Telecommunications

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephones enable you to save money on your telecommunications costs, by directing your calls over the internet rather than traditional landlines. We use the highest quality connections to give you a truly exceptional service.

  • International Numbering

    International numbering allows your business to give the perception that you have a local presence in a particular country, or portray your company as a global organisation.

  • A Fully Hosted PBX

    Our VOIP PBX (private branch exchange) provides a simple web-based administration portal, putting you back in control of your telephone platform.

  • VOIP Conferencing

    VOIP Conferencing provides the ultimate flexibility at low operating costs. Experience true HD voice and unlimited users, with no expensive hardware required.


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